Dmitry is a Russian-born visual artist, known for his cinematic photography and psychological portraiture. He is a photographer with a vision, creating narratives with his subjects. These narratives are the artist’s representation of pre-visualized ideas born out of major works of literature, music and history.

Dmitry began photographing in his late teens, with capturing the people he knew, his family and friends. He became fascinated with the reaction of the people to their own images. As photography started to overtake his medical studies, Dmitry dropped out of medical school to pursue his passion.

Profoundly influenced by the works of Vladimir Teselkin, a famous Soviet photographer, Dmitry began to explore black and white photography. Later while studying the art of such maters as Alexander Rodchenko, Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and Man Ray, Dmitry formed his own unique style and technique.

Dmitry’s birthplace, St. Petersburg, Russia, one of the most beautiful, full of culture and history cities in the world, has been a major inspiration in his work, prompting him to incorporate architecture, theatre and music into his images.

“The goal when I shoot, is not necessarily to create beautiful images, but rather to instigate a conversation with the viewers, to pull them in, to arouse imagination, to stay with them long after”, explains the artist himself.

Dmitry’s works create the allure, the desire to look again, to study the images, wondering about the stories behind them. “This is the real skill”, Dmitry says, “being able to bring out feelings and raise questions, to go beyond the skimming, page flipping, to engage the viewer with the narrative”.

When interviewed about his art, Dmitry is often askes about how he creates his works and in particular what he considers a good portrait. “The eyes are the mirror of the soul and if you are able to get the viewer to penetrate through to the inside, into the secret and hidden world of the subject, then you have a masterpiece.  Such work can be shocking, but it must pull the viewer in. This is great portraiture. This is representation of an absolute object”.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Dmitry currently resides in Washington DC with his wife, son and bulldog.